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£27,890 - 2015 Audi S3 – 296bhp - Review by Jordan Clarke - Slammed UK


As said already, I found the S3 to be more comfortable than the Golf R, nicer seats, full leather and miles more supportive in the lower back and the shoulders, the steering wheel has a much classier and sportier feel in leather with the colour coded stitching. Suspension wise the S3 is very similar to the Golf R, different modes available which will adjust the damper settings to your desired drive style, comfortable enough but a little jolty when travelling over un-even roads, however highly refined and precise when using the 296bhp around bends and twisty roads.

Comfort Rating 8/10


Performance & Power:

Sporting almost the same facts and figures as the Golf R it’s safe to say the Audi S3’s performance is impressive. Especially in the popular 7-speed dual-clutch S-tronic gearbox option, accelerating blisteringly quickly in all aspects of the road whether on a straight or coming out of a corner, the S3 will throw you back in your seat when ever you wish whilst still producing around 30mpg.

Power Rating: 8/10



As well as being a very understated looking hatch, the S3 has the constant capability of being a fun hot hatch in all walks of life. Compact and intense when needed the S3 is great fun to drive fast, the responsive gear changes and brutal acceleration coupled with the throaty exhaust note allow fun when ever driving the car.

Fun Rating: 7/10


Overall overview:

A direct comparison to the infamous Golf R, arguably the best all round hot-hatch, I found this S3 to be just as good overall, if not a little comfier and nicer to be inside, having said that the centre console and the controls in the Golf R were a lot nicer looking and easier to use. With the same running gear and the same engine it’s hard to tell them apart performance wise although I do think the S3 sounds a little better. A great little car and perfect for a daily with a bit of power when needed!

Overall Rating: 8/10

by Jordan Clarke - Slammed UK