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Whether your vehicle requires R1234YF (from £58) or R134A (from £115) air conditioning gas, we have qualified technicians who can safely restore your car's air con to full efficiency, helping you cool down in the summer and ensure your car's windscreen stays demisted throughout winter.

Not sure what's wrong with your vehicle's air conditioning? We can fault find, and carry out a straight-forward air con regas, or investigate what repairs may be needed. Whilst our main-dealer trained technicians get to work, you can relax or work in comfort from our spacious Wi-Fi enabled Business Lounge.

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Air Con Regas Offer

What's involved in Air Conditioning maintenance?

Your air conditioning isn’t checked during an MOT, or as part of general servicing. As a result, you should get it checked out periodically to ensure it’s still working properly.

Air conditioning isn’t just useful for the summer, with its demisting function just as helpful during cold snaps because the air it pumps out is dry. It will also have filters that reduce dust particles and bacteria. Like any machine, we recommend using your air con year-round to ensure the liquid keeps flowing and oil used as lubricant does its job.

Air Conditioning Cabin Filter

You’re probably reading this page as your air conditioning doesn’t feel that effective or pressing the AC button simply makes no difference. Given during 2022 a new record was set for summer temperatures, more than ever it’s important to ensure your car’s air conditioning is performing well.

It’s estimated that the refrigerant gas that keeps your car’s air con nice and cool permeates between 10% and 15% of its gases each year. It’s therefore not a surprise that after a few years you may notice it not quite doing the job.


Why does my air con smell?


As previously mentioned, we recommend using your car’s air con year-round. Otherwise, you may face a nasty whiff coming from the vents, which is down to bacteria and mould building up.

You can try using anti-bacterial spray, but you probably need to change your cabin filter and – from then on – use your air con regularly to avoid it happening again!

Can I regas my car’s air conditioning myself?


Kits are advertised on the internet, but in reality they’re almost as expensive as paying a specialist, and if anything does go wrong, you could be left paying for it to be done anyway.

More importantly, we know what to look for when it comes to finding leaks any other problems with the system – after all regassing might not fix the issue.

We’d also like to stress that it’s important to be safe, and our technicians have a specific qualification for using our air conditioning machines. The refrigerant gas has potential to cause painful freeze burns.

How long does it take to regas my air conditioning?


It takes just under and hour to completely remove the old gas from your air con’s system and refill it with fresh refrigerant at gas. You can choose to have your air con recharged while you wait from our Business Lounge, which has desks, free Wi-Fi and complimentary drinks. You can of course combine your Air Con recharge with a service or MOT.

How often do I need to check my car's air conditioning?


It's recommended to get your air conditioning serviced every 2 years, but in truth you’ll probably know if it’s not effective, or it is starting to smell. We can test its effectiveness during a Vehicle Health Check or Service – just let us know.

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