What are the most common MOT fails?

May 27, 2022
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An MOT is required after a car is 3 years old. If you do a fair amount of miles, wear and tear can start to become a factor, but in reality 3 year old cars would be expected to pass with an average pass rate of around 90%.

However, the overall average for all cars is a first time MOT pass rate of more like 65%. This increases dramatically after a retest, which suggests a little preparation could have saved owners time and money.

So, let’s take a look at the most common MOT failures!

1. Lights and Signals

Checking lights and signals is a pretty easy job and is something you should really be checking regularly anyway, however, 30% of MOT fails are down to broken, blown or faulty lights.

2. Suspension

Noisy, creaking suspension could be a clue that your car won’t make it through the MOT, with 18% failing their MOT due to suspension related issues. Once your car gets to 5 years old, it is not uncommon for suspension bushes to need replacing, whilst higher mileage cars can find dampers begin to leak.

We suggest not putting off investigations into noises like this, as they can end up getting more expensive. Worn suspension can also mean uneven tyre wear.

3. Brakes

Next up is braking, with 17% failing due to related issues. Again, if your brakes are noisy, that likely means your brake pads are worn. You may start to hear a “metal on metal” noise, which means your discs are starting to get damaged too and can make the job far more expensive that it needs to be.

4. Tyres

Ultimately, tyres are the sole contact point with the road – they’re really important! And yet, 10% of MOT fails are tyre related, with tread depth not meeting the legal standard (at least 1.6mm of tread). Even if your tyre maintains pressure, damage to the tyre will also likely result in a problem when it comes to your MOT test.

5. Mirrors, Wipers & Washers

Finally, the DVSA’s figures say that 8% of MOT fails are down to either mirrors, wipers or washers – anything that impairs your vision whilst driving. Look out for chips on your windscreen, noisy wipers, and check you have plenty of screenwash.

If you want to get prepared for your MOT, check out our Pre-MOT checklist for easy-to-follow tips on how to make sure your car passes first time.

Need to get an MOT booked? Visit our dedicated MOT page. Alternatively, give us a call now on 01689 664 769 to discuss your needs.