Electric Car Warranty

Bespoke Car Warranty Launched for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

We are delighted to be one of the first independent dealerships – if not the first – to create a bespoke extended warranty for customers who purchase Hybrid or full Electric Vehicles (EVs) from us here at Prestige Cars Kent.

Of course, both Hybrid and EVs require specific knowledge and equipment in order to ensure they receive effective maintenance, ensuring they run well today, and years into the future.

Selling over 1,000 vehicles a year means we have been steadily building our knowledge of Hybrids and EVs, understanding weak points and strengthening our knowledge so we can solve issues quickly. Being multi-marque specialists, we have worked with many hybrid vehicles from the likes of Audi, Mitsubishi and Volkswagen, to dedicated electric vehicles from Porsche and Tesla.

Our Aftersales Manager, Mark Phillips, comments on the news, saying

“this is a real step in the right direction, with more and more customers choosing to go Hybrid or Full Electric it now means we can offer a comprehensive warranty to suit all of our customers vehicle requirements”.

“It has taken us a number of months to finalise our new warranty, which we believe will give peace of mind to our customers who may feel like they would be otherwise taking a leap of faith purchasing a second-hand hybrid or electric car. Customers can also rest assured that my team has the experience of dealing with what can be complex cars, and keep them on the road.”

All of the prestige vehicles we sell come with a standard 12-month Warranty. However, the majority of customers upgrade to Prestige Plus – our comprehensive option that provides leading coverage.

  • Claim limit rises to £10,000
  • Claim an unlimited number of times
  • Increased mileage limit to 14,000 per annum
  • No charge for diagnostic checks if the item is covered under the warranty
  • No excess fee

To learn more about the Prestige Cars Kent Prestige Plus Warranty, visit our dedicated page.

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