Is your car Summer ready?

To help your car perform as well as it can and to keep you safe on the road, a Health Check means you can have a stress-free Summer whilst on your travels. A Health Check is not a legal requirement and can be done at the same time as your car service or separately.

For just £19.99, the experts at the Prestige Cars Kent Service Centre will check your tyres, batteries, cooling, fluid levels and more as part of a 100-point check. With limited availability for slots, booking early is essential.

Why do you need one I hear you say?

Well, the summer months have longer days with more family outings and now that we are able to get back to our new normal more and more people are taking their cars on longer journeys to the beach or days out.When it comes to tyres, you have to make sure that they are road legal, no matter what time of year it is which means they need to have at least 1.6mm of tread, although 3mm is advised.

With regards to summer, high temperatures can alter tyre pressures and worsen any existing tyre damage. This means it is important to keep an eye on your tyre pressures to ensure that they are inflated correctly, because this can impact steering and braking. As part of a summer Health Check, our technicians will always examine your tyre pressure and ensure that they are road legal.

Batteries also need looking at during the summer months. Excessive heat can cause battery fluid to evaporate or overcharge the battery. We will check the battery fluid level and top up when necessary. There are a number of fluids that you need to keep an eye on, but they become especially important over summer when the temperatures are higher.

If your engine coolant drops below the minimum mark, you are in danger of having a costly over-heating breakdown. We check for leaks in the system so you shouldn't need to top up your engine coolant after your car has been in for its summer Health Check with us.

If you don’t check your fluids once a month then it would be advisable to book in for a summer Health Check before any long journey.

Making sure your windscreen wipers are working is also a priority over the summer. If you have a dirty windscreen and glare from the sun can harm your visibility. As well having wiper blades that work properly, we will make sure that your windscreen wash is adequately topped up too.

Want to get you Summer Health Check booked? Call our friendly team on 01689 664 769 or use our contact form