Extended Warranty

Research shows the value of Extended Warranties

A new survey by the RAC has recently highlighted the benefit of holding an extended warranty, with claims of up to £6,000.

A recent survey has served to underline the value of having a warranty when buying a used car. Whilst most recognise the aim of a warranty is to protect the owner against unexpected cost, understandably some opt to save money and hope that they don’t face any issues.

However, with the RAC listing multiple examples of claims exceeding £2,000, and up to £6,687, show that mentality could prove to be false economy.

Making warranties affordable

We recognise the additional outlay on top of buying a car is hard to justify. Because we underwrite our own warranties, we’re able to include the cost of our in-house Prestige Warranty into monthly finance payments.

Whilst every car sold by Prestige Cars Kent comes with a standard 12-month Warranty, for complete peace of mind, our optional comprehensive Prestige Plus Warranty has a claim limit of £10,000, with an unlimited number of claims. The warranty also covers the majority of mechanical and electrical components, as originally covered by the manufacturer's warranty but extended for up to 5 years.

A small cost for peace of mind

Despite all our vehicles going through our 175-point Quality check before sale, the nature of running any vehicle over time means problems can and do occur. Especially with winter now setting in, having a warranty in place gives that peace of mind you won’t be left stranded – especially as our Prestige Warranty comes with a free courtesy car.

Kellie Grocott, RAC director of sales at Assurant said that “Many of the most expensive issues in the list would have been undetectable during even an extensive test drive or detailed vehicle inspection.”

Benefit from MOTs for life

As an added bonus, customers who opt for our Prestige Plus Warranty benefit from MOTs for life, or until the transfer of the vehicle to another owner.

Interested in more information? See our dedicated Warranty information page, which includes a link to warranty terms.

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