Land Rover Key Reprogramming Replacement

Prestige Cars Kent add to their Jaguar Land Rover credentials

Have you lost your Land Rover key? We can help! As an officially recognised independent Jaguar Land Rover specialists, we have access to the same tools required to securely program a new Land Rover or Range Rover key.

Any Land Rover built past 1996 requires the official Land Rover scan tool in order to reprogramme keys. Prestige Cars Kent is one of very few specialists outside of the Main Dealer network with access that provides you with the same service at a fraction of the cost.

Can anyone reprogramme Land Rover keys?

Whilst technically others can workaround the issue, only main dealers and recognised specialists like ourselves have the dedicated Land Rover software for the job, guaranteeing the reprogramming will work.

Do you need to reprogramme both Land Rover keys?

Yes, your Land Rover or Range Rover keys will need to be matched, so both will need to be made available for reprogramming, as well as the keyless vehicle module. If your key fob is lost, we can order a replacement official key.

As a Land Rover specialist, don't forget we can help out with any servicing needs, and have a dedicated MOT station too.

Do I need a spare key?

Having a spare key is of course a godsend if you lose one, saving a lot of potential aggravation. However, having just one key will affect the value of your car. As a dealer who sells over 1,500 cars a year, a vehicle with one key is always valued less, due to the hassle and cost in organising a replacement. It can also put people off buying a car when similar cars with two keys are available.

Have a question about programming a Land Rover key? Send us a message online, or call 01689 664 769.