The UK's most popular hot hatch?

The Volkswagen Golf R is one of the best selling cars at Prestige Cars Kent, and we always have a number of cars on-site, ready to drive away. They are supported by other fast Golfs - we stock the GTI and GTD also, and sometimes the hybrid GTE model. Don't see one to your exact tastes? Then please do get in touch, we have other cars in process and have a dedicated sourcing department - we'll source your dream Golf R, GTI or GTD at no extra cost.

So why is the Golf R so popular?

The ingredients aren't so new - fast Golfs have been around a while. However, the first 'R' badged Golf - the Mk4 R32 - featured a creamy six cylinder engine. This was followed by the Mk5, which was a lovely car, but was sadly showed up by rivals in the handling stakes - there was no escaping the weight of that big VR6 engine over the front axle.

And so, the 4 cylinder turbocharged Mk6 Golf R was released. However, it seemed Volkswagen couldn't do anything right - providing a more powerful, more tuneable, and better handling car that somehow didn't sell in significant numbers. For some enthusiasts, they couldn't get over losing the tuneful 6 cylinder engine, whilst others couldn't get over the price for 'just' a Volkswagen Golf.

However, in 2013, Volkswagen got all of those 'R' ingredients just right. The new Golf benefited from the new MQB platform and sharper looks. The heady 300bhp barrier was achieved whilst losing weight at the same time. With a little help from some amazing finance deals, the Mk7 Golf R sold like hot cakes, and continues to do so today.

With all that in the mix, no wonder that the Golf R was rated highly by the motoring press and became a giant killer in the process; it became a modern icon virtually overnight.