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Exhaust Replacement

It is critical your exhaust is functioning correctly for a number of reasons. The exhaust allows the safe exhaust of the fumes your car produces. If your exhaust is corroded or the gaskets have failed this can be the cause of dangerous fumes in the cabin of your car. This can not only be an MOT failure but can be extremely dangerous for the driver and any occupants, inhaling fumes from the exhaust can cause a multitude of issues. Other issues include the not flowing through the DPF and other filters on the exhaust causing unwanted and dangerous pollution.


Exhaust Upgrades

We're able to carry out sports performance exhaust upgrades on most vehicles. This includes having some of the latest and advanced exhausts on the market fitted to your vehicle. Some uprated exhausts have electronic valves allowing for quiet driving around town and when you put your foot down these valves are activated and make the noise you want from your performance car.

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