Sale or Return

For many customers, Sale or Return is the perfect balance between selling your car privately and selling to a dealer outright or as a part-exchange. You wouldn't sell your house yourself, you leave it to the experts to make sure you achieve the best possible value available in the market and with the security of knowing that they follow a compliant procedure. After all, a single mistake can be costly and with a 6-figure advertising budget, we guarantee to get your car in front of more buyers than any other UK dealership.

All is explained in this short video


Professional buyers

  • Free valuations
  • No obligation offers
  • Collection service
  • Fast secure payment
  • Settlement of outstanding finance
  • Transfer of private number plates

Professional sellers

  • No advertising costs
  • No upfront fees
  • Secure on-site storage
  • Advertised on leading websites, including Autotrader, Car Gurus and Pistonheads
  • Finance, part exchange and warranty options for potential buyers
  • Experienced pricing analysts reviewing prices each day
  • Secure payment after the sale has been completed
  • Settlement of outstanding finance