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** Sold - Others Available ** 2013 Mercedes C63 AMG 457bhp Review by Jordan Clarke - Slammed UK

Driver Comfort:

The C63 AMG is supremely comfortable to drive on open smooth roads, of which unfortunately in the UK there are few. The ride generally is a little hard due to the sports suspension however it is not unbearable and is what you expect from a car like this. Having said that, although the general ride isn’t quite as good as the F80 M3 I reviewed last week, the seats are fantastically comfortable, coupled with the really special touch of the self tightening seat belts, something I’ve not had in a car before and was a very welcome feature. Generally the driving seat is a pleasant place to be when cruising around town or on the motorway, helped by a host of different electric seat adjustments. One thing I would have also liked to see was a leather bolster where one’s left knee rests against the central console, nothing major but once driving for a while it becomes noticeable.

DriverComfort Rating: 7/10



No-one can argue that the C63 is extremely fun to drive, whether around town or on the track, it’s perfectly balanced and brings a smile to the face at all times, however that smile sometimes becomes a little nervous should you accelerate at the wrong point around a corner, that lively back end loves to kick out, especially in the wet.

Fun Rating: 7/1


Performance & Power:

Something this car has in absolute abundance. If the C63 is nothing else, it is a power house, pushing it’s 457bhp through the thunderous 6.2L V8 to those very lively rear wheels, it’s a handful to drive at times. Having said that, it is also just as easy to use as an every day cruiser especially coupled with the smooth 7-speed automatic gearbox, but at all times knowing that at any moment if you fancy planting your right foot you will have a whole bunch of ponies ready to launch and you’ll soon hear them via the superb sounding AMG Sports exhaust system. Sport+ mode will allow for blisteringly fast up changes although does opt for some eager and violent down changes, Sport mode is similar although slightly less violent, and comfort mode will allow for seamless changes both up and down for a non-dramatic ride. Great fun to drive, a fantastically fast practical car.

Power Rating: 8/10


Overall overview:

Overall the C63 AMG is great fun to drive, easy to use as an every day car, very precise and perfectly comfortable. Certainly turns heads and especially in the gorgeous Mars Red & with chrome accents colour combo, its a truly beautiful car and you never get bored of looking at it. The power is sublime and the AMG seats especially are a fantastic place to be, even with the rock hard sports suspension. Overall a great car to drive, a lot of fun and would certainly recommend.

Overall Rating: 7/10

by Jordan Clarke - Slammed UK