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** Sold - Others Available ** 2015 Golf R 292bhp Reviewby Jordan Clarke - Slammed UK

Driver Comfort :

Having driven the non-leather specified Golf R, the seats left little to the imagination in the way of looks and feel, however still very comfortable and I found myself held in position at all speeds, although the seat adjustments could do with having a little more personalisation. Due to the Golf’s fantastic 4Motion all-wheel drive system, the power shifts between the wheels depending on where it is needed most allowing for silky smooth power delivery both on straights and through the corners. The steering is among the most responsive I’ve ever felt, you’ll struggle to find a more refined and precise hot-hatch. Different driving modes found on the very pleasant touch screen centre console help to quickly change driving style with modes such as ‘Eco’, ‘Comfort’ and ‘Race’. Comfort mode lowers the revs and softens the suspension, however the suspension did still feel a little stiff at times on bumpy roads. In conclusion the R is a perfectly comfortable daily car for both long and short journeys, and a car that perfectly balances urban driving with speed.

Driver Comfort Rating:7/10


Performance & Power:

Where this car really stands out from the rest of the hot-hatch group is in the power and it’s sublime ability to put it down on the road. Boasting incredible figures such as 0-60mph in 4.9 seconds and 30-70mph in 4.3 seconds, the facts and figures really speak for themselves. As much fun to drive as it sounds the way the R shifts through the gears using the extremely clever dual-clutch DSG box is just fantastic with little to no hesitation, although I do wish there was a little more noise from the exhaust. The Golf R is a joy to drive and very easy to control due to the all-wheel drive system, the true definition of a pocket rocket and would highly recommend.

Power Rating: 8/10



The best of both worlds. This car is brilliant at being both fun, and an economical daily driver. The four wheel drive helps to create comfort at all speeds, shifting the power to the wheels that need it to get rid of any un-wanted tyre drama, whilst still packing a big punch should you want to plant your foot for a few seconds. Being so refined, the Golf R does lack a touch of fun, I found my self trying to hear the exhaust note and having driven cars with livelier back ends recently it wasn’t quite as fun, however, still a fantastic car and something I could seriously consider as a daily drive.

Fun Rating: 7/10


Overall overview:

Certainly near the top of the prestigious ‘hot hatch’ game, the Golf R was very very impressive to drive, even more so than I had anticipated. Great in both ‘Eco’ mode and ‘Race’ mode, although one sacrificing a touch of comfort in comparison to the other, the Golf R is a refined and intuitive drive and the perfect daily for those of us that commute but like to have a bit of fun ready to unleash should we want to. Adapting both 4WD power delivery and practicality the R is quite possibly one of the best Hot Hatches out there to buy at the moment.

Overall Rating: 8/10

by Jordan Clarke - Slammed UK