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At Prestige Cars of Kent we pride ourselves on Quality, Price and Customer Service and as a result of our continued growth and success we thought we'd let you know we are now bringing a Business Package for the Business Car marketplace.

Whether you are a CEO, Company Director, Manager or Employee there will be the right vehicle and funding option for you and your business.

With the right advice and guidance that Prestige can bring then YOU and YOUR company could benefit from great savings from personal tax benefits through to your Annual Corporation Tax. *Depending on Company Position*

To celebrate our corporate business launch we are offering incentives for an interim period for every new business customer that commits a vehicle with our selves.

Our experience and success as one of the fastest growing independent car dealers means we are able to carefully understand every customers individual needs and tailor the most suitable options to their specific requirements.

Having agreements in place with all major manufactures this enable's us to supply the correct vehicle at the right time and at the right price, from your new Range Rover to your next Commercial Van, we have an option to suit !!

To find out more!... book a free 60 minute consultation with us and we will look at how best to structure your company car needs and explore some options for you.

Available Finance options

PCP ;- Personnel / Business Contract Plan

HP ;- Hire Purchase

LP ;- Lease Purchase

BCH ;- Business Contract Hire

PCH ;- Personnel Contract Hire

Do you use the benefits of your own company or the benefit of working for a company?

If the answer is NO then please contact us anytime for help with finding a great deal for your business!

Do you want to know more ? Feel free to to call me on my direct line 07543221297

I look forward to hearing from you.