When is my car service due?

When is my car service due?

The experts at the Prestige Car Kent service centre are here to help, debunk myths, and ensure you get a fair deal. In this blog, we discuss how you can work out when your car is due a service.

Today, cars are much more reliable than those of a couple of decades ago. With advances in technology and oil quality, service intervals can now be quite far apart, but this differs by manufacturer and often changes as the car gets older.

Either way, getting your car serviced shouldn’t be seen as an unnecessary expense – really it prevents you from potential greater expense further down the road due to lack of maintenance. An efficient car also pays you back every day, in the form of better fuel consumption.

Importantly, servicing ensures any warranty entitlement isn’t affected, and regular servicing is proven to increase the value of your car.

So how can I see when my car service is due?

Your car’s handbook should reveal the service schedule of the car; often there will be guidance on the recommended mileage or time between services, and what is covered.

At the back of the handbook, or sometimes in a separate booklet, there will be a service record with stamps for each service by the garage which did the work. If you’ve recently bought a car, check for any invoices which should have some kind of service history, and hopefully an itemised bill with what was covered.

Alternatively, many modern cars give an indication on the dash when a service is due, whilst the onboard computer may have a countdown too.

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How often should a car be serviced?

Usually manufacturers state that a car should be serviced every 12 months, or at a particular mileage – whichever comes soonest. Usually this will between 10,000 – 15,000 miles per year maximum between services.

Don’t do many miles? Remember that all machinery works best when it is being used as intended. Leaving cars for long periods, or just using them for short journeys where they don’t get up to full operating temperature, can cause just as much wear, if not more.

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What kind of service will my car need?

Most car manufacturers follow an alternating pattern of minor and major services. A minor service involves a check-over of the whole car, complete with a diagnostic check for any electronic issues, and an oil change. You will usually receive a report on what you need to keep an eye on for the future, such as tyre and brake wear.

The major service is more involved, checking and replacing components that may last a reasonably long time, but need more thorough checking or a mandatory replacement to prevent catastrophic failure further down the road.

As a result, a major service will be more expensive, but they are also less frequently required.

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