MOT vs Service

What’s the difference between an MOT and a Service?

Every car over 3 years old requires an annual MOT test. Driving without an MOT is against the law and can result in a fine and points on your license.

In comparison, a car Service is aimed at keeping your car at peak performance, as set out by manufacturer defined requirements. Whilst an MOT might prove roadworthiness, it’s not as thorough as a Service. As a result, keeping up the manufacturer recommended Service intervals is a prerequisite for maintaining the manufacturer or extended warranty (if you have one).

An MOT is essentially a visual inspection, making sure your car meets the minimum standards to be considered roadworthy. This inspection is carried out by a qualified MOT tester to the criteria set out by the government.

An MOT test may not pick up items that start to fail. It also doesn’t tell you if the car’s oils, filters or belts need changing – something if left long enough will likely lead to engine failure. As a result, preventative maintenance saves you money in the long term, will maximise your fuel economy, and help your car last longer. Maintaining Full Service History to the manufacturer’s guidelines will also protect your car’s value.

As a result, a car that is serviced regularly will likely sail through its MOT without any additional work being needed. However, skimp on servicing and your chances of failing the MOT will increase greatly. More importantly, you may get stumped with a large bill you weren’t expecting in order to make your car roadworthy again.

Understandably, servicing is sometimes difficult to justify with other expenses sometimes having to take priority. That’s why here at the Prestige Cars Kent Service Centre we offer 0% interest Servicing Finance.

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