Mercedes Service Intervals Explained

What’s included in a Mercedes ‘A’ and ‘B’ Service?

Car maintenance car be a minefield. The experts at the Prestige Car Kent service centre are here to help, debunk myths, and ensure you get a fair deal. In this blog, we get to grips with Mercedes-Benz service intervals.

Most manufacturers typically follow a pattern of minor service one year, followed by a major service the next. Depending on which make and model, the timespan may be different, as it is also determined by the mileage on your car.

Mercedes-Benz follows this same pattern, calling their minor service an ‘A’ service - essentially an oil and filter change - followed by a ‘B’ service, which adds cabin filters being changed. Otherwise, Mercedes servicing is governed by their ‘Flexible Service System’ which calculates the wear on your vehicle by your driving style.

How often will I need to service my Mercedes-Benz?

Around a month before a service is due, you should start seeing the "Service A in XX Days." or "Service B in XX Miles" messages on your dashboard.

Typically, a service will be initially required once your Mercedes hits 10,000 - 12,000 miles. Each model will be a little different – a diesel-powered A-Class will likely go longer than a fire-breathing C63 AMG!

After that, Mercedes-Benz servicing is generally every 2 years or 20,000 miles. An ‘A’ Service is effectively an oil change combined with a number of wear and safety checks. Meanwhile, the ‘B’ service will have more extensive checks, and will include the likes of your brake fluid being changed.

Do I need to go to a Mercedes-Benz main dealer?

No - You can retain your manufacturer warranty by bringing your car to Prestige Cars Kent, due to us using manufacturer-approved parts and techniques. The difference is our labour rates are significantly cheaper. Combined with our Prestige 0% Service Finance, your visit will likely be far kinder to your wallet!

Each year we sell hundreds of Mercedes-Benz vehicles, from A-Class, to C-Class, right up to the V-Class minibus, so we have a wealth of experience with the marque.

Our technicians all have main dealer backgrounds, and with 13 service ramps we promise a quick turnaround.

Why should I choose Prestige Cars Kent?

Being an independent garage, we pride ourselves on our approach. We’ll only change parts when they’re scheduled for replacement and will always give you written confirmation of the work carried out. We also carry out a thorough Vehicle Health Check as part of any servicing work, just like a main dealer would. This allows you plan your Mercedes' future maintenance as you will be made aware of how worn vital components are.

Just because we charge upto 40% less than a Mercedes-Benz main dealer doesn’t mean our service is compromised. As well as a new premium waiting lounge with free Wi-Fi, we have courtesy cars and can provide a pick-up and collection service. No wonder we get such great reviews!

Interested in booking in your Mercedes-Benz for a service or repair? Get in touch with our friendly staff by calling 01689 664 769 or using our contact form.