Porsche 911 50th Anniversary

Buying Guide: Porsche 911 50th Anniversary

The Porsche 911 50th Anniversary was launched in 2014. The question is, was it a fitting tribute to mark an important anniversary for one of the world's most successful car markers? Here, we take a look at what makes the 911 50th Anniversary stand out from the regular Carrera models, as well the GTS and GT3 models launched as part of the 991 range.

Where does the 50th Anniversary fit in the the 911 line up?

The 50th Anniversary was the showpiece for the launch of the 991 generation of 911. In 2013, to celebrate 50 years of the 911, it debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the same show that the original 911 was revealed to the world. The 50th was set for the 2014 model year at an MSRP of £92,257 and was only available to current Porsche owners. Despite the criteria needed to own a piece of Porsche history, all 1963 examples (see what they did there?) were snapped up shortly after its unveiling.

The 50th was based on a Carrera S and featured some unique adjustments that highlight the best of 911 and features inputs courtesy of Weissach which would be later translated onto the 991 GTS models. The first (and most obvious change) is the addition of the wide bodywork. Normally reserved for 911 Turbo and GT models. The rear end of the 50th is 43mm wider than the Carrera S on which it is based to give it that classic 911 look, a look which is further enhanced by the unique 20 inch Fuchs alloy wheels. There is also the addition of some exterior chrome detailing around the windows and on the engine cover slats to hark back to the days of the original 911. Under the skin, the 50th features Porsche PASM suspension system and Sports exhaust as standard to make for a truly emotional driving experience.

Tributes to the original 911 exist in the interior as well with green labelling on the instruments with white pointer needles and silver caps on the instrument pivot pins, just like 50 years ago. Another special feature is the centre panels of the leather seats, which are designed with a fabric pattern reminiscent of the “Pepita” tartan design from the 1960s.

With a selection of options available, our Geyser Grey example we currently have listed for sale features some key and desirable additions, including the Bose Sound System, Sport Chrono Package Plus, Front and Rear Park Assist, an Electric Sunroof, In built Navigation, Fully electric and heated 14 way Sports Seats and the lightning fast PDK Gearbox..

How was it received by the press?

Well surprise surprise, it was received very well! 911s don’t tend to disappoint and the 50th continued this trend. Evo magazine is quoted as saying, “For the most part, very good indeed. The wider track does add a degree of security when really pressing on, but otherwise the driving experience is very similar to that of the 911 Carrera S.”

It comes as no surprise, the howling 3.8l flat-six hanging out the back will climb towards 8000rpm in no time and make a symphony of motorsports-inspired barks and cracks. Car Magazine commented on the allure of this engine, “It’s half-eight, I’m still 47 miles from home and my girlfriend has dinner waiting. I’m starving, but I just can’t bring myself to point the nose of the 911 down the motorway. Not tonight. Not when there’s a flat-six up the back, cackling away at idle, developing from a delicious gurgle as I mash the aluminium accelerator pedal.”

It's not just the engine that impressed either, the package as a whole stands out as one of the best around. Autocar elaborate on this further, “The 50th is a beguiling driver’s car in this 911, and one worthy of such a celebrated history. Truth is, there are more perfect-handling sports cars you might spend your £92k on, but few will be more interesting; more absorbing to drive.”

What are the running costs like?

Well since the initial release of the 50th, UK car tax prices have changed considerably. As the list price of these cars was over £40,000, 12 months of tax is £490. Of course you can always pay for that monthly to lessen the blow, especially when WLTP quoted fuel consumption is 29mpg which will be closer to 20mpg after you realise how much fun they are to drive fast. There is some good news though, the 50th sits in insurance group 48 of 50 so it won't be as expensive to insure as an R8 or Huracan!

Should I buy one?

In truth, today the 50th Anniversary is more of a collectors car, which is why you will unlikely find a high mileage example for sale. From a technical perspective, whilst it is effectively the same as a GTS, it will always remain special as proven by every other limited production Porsche special. With some genuine unique touches, it would be a fantastic addition for anyone who already owns a limited edition 911, such as the 997 Sport Classic or 991 911R.

For fans of the 50th Anniversary who can’t quite stretch however, from a driving perspective they won’t lose out much by opting for a well specified Carrera S or GTS. We’d argue you would be delighted with any of the above!

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