Buy a Car Online

A New Era: Buying a Car Online

Since the Coronavirus landed in the UK in February 2020, life hasn't been the same, which rings true for businesses, too.

Rapidly changing circumstances have meant that UK businesses have had to think fast, and innovate. During March, after car showrooms were effectively banned from being open, we launched our full end-to-end buying online process which enabled a fully 'contactless' sale.

What does buying a used car online actually mean?

It truly does mean just that - every step can be can completed without the need to be physically present during the sale process.

  • A virtual tour can show every detail of the car
  • All paperwork can be completed online, or via e-mail
  • Finance applications are handled online
  • Part exchanges can be processed online
  • All queries can be dealt with by e-mail, phone, or video call
  • Finally, cars can be delivered to the customer's door

How does a buyer know what they're going to get?

For some time now, here at Prestige Cars Kent we have provided close to exhaustive detail: every car advertised comes with 60+ photos, and we upload a supplementary video walk-around tour. Additionally, our sales team are armed with iPads to record further videos, or show the car live with a video call when asked.

Up until Covid-19 made the headlines, the above was usually used by customer wishing to place a deposit and secure a car ahead of potentially a lengthily trip to our showroom in Orpington, Kent. But how do people actually feel about buying a car fully online, without seeing the car until it's delivered to their home?

We asked the question in a recent survey (April, 2020). When asked 'Would you buy a car online?', 40% of the 267 respondents said they would, whilst 38% said they would need further convincing, leaving 22% who currently would not buy a car online.

When asked 'What is the most important factor?' 15% of respondents said that it was trusting it was safe to make the payment online. However, a large majority of 71% said their most important reason was knowing whether the car was as described, with the remaining 14% focused on whether they had got a good deal.

More protection when buying online

The reality is, buying online gives more protection than a 'face-to-face' sale. This is because there is a 14-day cooling off period businesses must offer - that's why we have a Money Back Guarantee in place to protect anyone committing to an online purchase of one of our prestige cars.

Buying one of our cars online also doesn't stop you from benefiting from the other great benefits of choosing Prestige Cars Kent, such as the 6 Month Warranty and 12 Month AA cover included with every car. Customers then have the option of upgrading the warranty, or adding service packs after purchase - just as would if you walked into our showroom.

Ready to get started? Use our Used Car search now. Alternatively, let us do the leg work for you - our extensive network means we can source a car to your exacting criteria. Just contact our Sourcing team.

Prestige Cars Kent was established in 2012 and has grown to become the largest prestige car dealership in Kent, becoming the preferred choice of VIPs and celebrity clients UK-wide. With over 200 cars available ranging from Audi, to Bentley, to Porsche, to Rolls Royce, there is a prestige car to suit any budget. All come with a 6-month Warranty and 175-Point Quality Check as standard.