MOT 6 Month Extension Explained

MOT Extension: The 6 Month Grace Period Explained

With the news that there is now an extension on MOTs, our Service Centre experts delve into the detail and explain what you can and can’t do.

Early during the Covid-19 related lockdown, the Department for Transport announced that it was offering a 6-month extension to all MOTs (that’s for cars, vans and bikes). This legislation is currently in place for 12 months, but it is something under review depending on the severity and length of the lock-down.

If you thought that was a free pass for everyone, it is important to note the details:

  • If your MOT was due on the 29th March or before, you must book an MOT.
  • If you are due an MOT on or after the 30th March, you benefit from a 6 month exemption without testing.
  • Regardless if it is due, do not take your vehicle for an MOT if you or someone you live with has Coronavirus symptoms.

  • You can check your car’s MOT status, including when it expires, via the DVSA website.

    Will I get a new MOT certificate?

    No, you won’t get a new MOT certificate with a renewed date, but your vehicle’s record will be updated so the police can see you have a valid MOT.

    Is my insurance still valid?

    Often, a valid MOT is conditional to being insured, but the guidance has said your insurance will still be valid. Be careful though, the caveat is its still your duty to ensure car your car is roadworthy – be sure to check simple things like tyre pressures, tread depth and your light bulbs.

    Can I still go to a garage for an MOT test?

    Yes! If your MOT was due on or before the 29th March, you can still go to a garage.

    Garages are classified as essential services, so most have stayed open. This includes the Prestige Cars Kent Service Centre here in Orpington. Rest assured, we have precautions in place so you can visit with complete confidence.

    Should I book my MOT ahead?

    We would recommend still booking your MOT, because otherwise there will be huge demand and appointments will be difficult to get hold of. Remember, you can be fined up to £1,000 for driving a vehicle without a valid MOT. It’s a risk not worth taking, especially when you can book an MOT up to a month (minus a day) early keep the same renewal date.

    Want to get booked in for your MOT? Call our friendly team on 01689 664 769. Read more about our Service Centre's capability on our dedicated car servicing page.