MOT 6 Month Extension Explained

Government cancels 6-month MOT extension

Mandatory MOT tests will be reintroduced from August 1st as the government cancels the 6-month extension. Here, our experts at the Prestige Cars Kent Service Centre explain what you need to know.

The road’s minister Baroness Vere has announced that the six-month MOT extension will be cancelled and testing will resume from August 1st, in response to the majority of the population hitting the roads again as lockdown has eased.

The decision comes after the government faced pressure from road safety and vehicle repair industry groups, as it was estimated there are 1.6m ‘dangerous cars’ on the roads due to their MOTs already being extended.

MOT tests will now be required for all cars, motorcycles and vans again after the extension was put in place on March 30th.

Drivers whose vehicles are due an MOT test from August 1st will be required to get a test certificate to continue using their vehicles.

Of course, with many cars not having MOTs since March, there will be huge demand for appointments come August. Sensible car owners will therefore be booking appointments now, so that they make sure that they comply with the law.

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