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All hail the Brabus G800 Widestar

The launch of the second-generation Mercedes G-Class has been a huge success – particularly in G63 AMG guise. Whilst some were nervous about Mercedes spoiling an icon, in our eyes the styling tweaks were perfect – both respecting the old design whilst bringing it up-to-date. The result? The legendary G Wagon is the most desirable SUV on the market.

But what if that isn’t enough?

For newcomers wondering what the fuss is about, the G Wagon blends the off-road durability and rugged looks of the Land Rover Defender with the luxury of the S-Class, complete with a handcrafted leather interior, giant 12.3 inch widescreen display, and the likes of a 360° reversing camera and high-end Burmester stereo available.

However, when you’re at the level the G63 AMG is priced at – around £150,000 – then a certain number of buyers will wish for more individuality.

Mercedes AMG For Sale

Introducing Brabus

Brabus is a German tuner first established in the 1970s. Being primarily performance-focused with a number of top speed world records under their belt, the company has grown to create fully customised versions of Mercedes models and today is the biggest tuner of Mercedes vehicles with a reach spanning 100 countries.

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Unlike regular ‘tuners’, Brabus offers OEM-like levels of build quality. It says something that new Brabus models come with a 3-year warranty; impressive given the significant modifications made to the cars which come off the Mercedes-Benz production line.

G-Class For Sale

Mercedes G Wagon For Sale

The 789bhp Brabus G800 Widestar

Perhaps no car better expresses the Brabus spirit than their G-Class alternative. Over the years, they have created many derivates based upon the first-generation G Wagon, from a relatively tame 3.6, to modified versions of the V8 versions producing up to 700ps.

However, they pale into comparison with the latest second-generation G63-based G800. As you may guess, that figure represents 800ps or 789bhp in old money. In other words, that’s 212bhp more than the G63 AMG that Mercedes will build you. That’s thanks to upgraded turbochargers, more boost and an ECU tune, not to mention the attention-grabbing side-exit exhausts.

Perhaps even more impressive than the peak power is the torque figure: 737lb ft. For context, that is 111lb ft more than the already impressive G63 AMG and an incredible 221lbs ft than a Ranger Rover Sport SVR.

It’s all show, and all go

First impressions of the G800 Widestar will be dominated by how the car looks, however. The flared wheel arches, giant air intakes and array of LED lights create an imposing look that will alter your perception of aggression – it renders the G63 AMG a little meek in comparison.

There is also carbon fibre everywhere, and an interior fully customised to the owner. There are aluminium paddle shifters, a virtually unlimited range of leathers and inlays to choose from, and a Rolls-Royce inspired Starlight roof.

How much? If you need to ask…

In truth, there are no published figures for the G800 Widestar; they are rare to come onto the open market and are no longer being built. However, as you would expect from the leaders in the prestige car market, we just so happen to have a Brabus G800 Widestar for sale! It’s a physical car, here in our showroom.

The reason for the sale? The fortunate owner has secured an allocation of the very limited (1 of 10) G V12 900. As you will have surely guessed, that’s another 100bhp courtesy of a modified version of the V12 engine found in the Mercedes S-Class. The cost? A cool £667,000.

View the details of our Brabus G800 Widestar for sale.

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Mercedes G Wagon For Sale
Mercedes G Wagon For Sale
Mercedes G Wagon For Sale
Mercedes G Wagon For Sale