Alloy Wheel Cover Terms

Allow Wheel Cover is for thirty-six (36) months. Your cover will end at the earliest of any of the below:

  • You failing to pay your premium when due; or
  • You or the vehicle no longer meeting the eligibility criteria; or
  • The vehicle being sold or transferred to a new owner
  • The number or value of claims settled by having reached the limits
  • The expiry date of the Cover
  • This Cover is not renewable


Alloy Wheel Cover

In the event of Accidental or Malicious Damage, we will repair or contribute towards a replacement if it is beyond repair.

Accidental Damage

The sudden and unforeseen damage to the Alloy Wheel, caused accidentally.

Malicious Damage

The sudden and unforeseen damage to the Alloy Wheel, caused intentionally by a third party.


  • The repair or replacement includes, where necessary, the cost of wheel balancing.
  • In the event of Malicious Damage, you must notify the police and obtain a crime reference number

Benefit Limit

A maximum of four (4) claims per annum and ten (10) repairs in total. The maximum amount per claim being £150 including VAT and £1,500 including VAT in total, during the term.

In the event that an Alloy Wheel is damaged beyond repair, will contribute a maximum of £150 including VAT towards the cost of a replacement


What you are not covered for

  • Any claim where the Date of Loss is before the Cover start date.
  • Any Alloy Wheel damage which is not reported within thirty (30) days of the Date of Loss.
  • Any damage where the damage has been accumulated over an extended period, which or the deem to be wear and tear.
  • Where no Accidental or Malicious damage has occurred.
  • Any claim relating to a road traffic accident or as a result of fire, theft or flood.
  • Any claim arising from manufacturing defects, inherent design faults or where the is subject to recall or replacement by the manufacturer.
  • Any claim relating to damage caused by neglect or a deliberate, careless act or omission.
  • Any amount that exceeds the benefit level per claim or in total.
  • Any claim relating to an Alloy Wheel that is not fitted to the Vehicle.
  • Any damage to alloy wheel showing evidence of rust or corrosion or any defect which is not deemed to be caused by Accidental or Malicious damage.
  • The cost of any routine maintenance or adjustments.
  • Any VAT where you are VAT registered and able to reclaim the VAT element.
  • For consequential damage of any kind or any consequential loss, injury or damage.
  • Any damage that occurs within 14 days of the start date. If this Cover is purchased before delivery, no claim wait period will apply. For policies purchased after delivery, may not make a claim on this in the first 14 days from its start date.


If have reason to claim, please email the dedicated email address with details and photos describing your claim.