Sale or Return

For many customers, Sale or Return is the perfect balance between selling your car privately, and selling to a dealer outright, or as a part exchange. You wouldn't sell your house yourself, you leave it to the experts to make sure you achieve the best possible value available in the market, and with the security of knowing they dot the i's and cross the t's on your behalf. After all a single mistake can be costly, and with a 6 figure advertising budget we guarantee to get your car in front of more buyers than any other UK dealership!

All is explained in this short video


For a small percentage of your vehicles sale price, we offer a range of benefits to the end user that a private seller simply can not. These include;

  • Provision of finance packages; 79% of used vehicles are now bought on finance. If you don't offer finance, which we're guessing you don't, then you are ruling out 4 in 5 potential buyers!
  • Part Exchange; More than half of customers have a part exchange car. If you don't take part exchange, you are asking your buyer to sell their car before they buy yours, delaying the process. Chances are they'll look somewhere that will take it.
  • Warranty; As vehicles creep out of their manufacturers warranty, customers often want an extended warranty for peace of mind. We are pleased to say we offer a 12 month warranty on every single vehicle we sell, no exclusions. We also give customers the opportunity to extend this warranty for up to 5 years. Should your vehicle encounter any issues in the next 12 months they'll be knocking on our door, not yours!
  • Additional Products; The vehicle only makes up a part of the package a customer expects when they buy a car nowadays. With service plans, MOT packages, GAP Insurance, Smart Insurance, Paint Protection, Trackers & Alloy Protect to name a few, by offering the vehicle alone, with no option to have additional products, the vast majority of your potential buyers will feel they need to go elsewhere to get the total package they had in mind.
  • Peace of Mind; For most people their car is the second biggest purchase they will ever make (behind a house), and now more than ever, car purchases represent a huge amount, often 2 or 3 times somebody's annual income. Parting with that kind of money, it is no wonder that the vast majority or buyers prefer to buy from a reputable dealer. Only your most daring (or arguably crazy) buyers will want to bank transfer tens of thousands of pounds to a total stranger.

So it's plain to see why a buyer prefers to shop with a dealer, but that is not where the benefits to you as a seller end. Not only do we open the door to the 80-90% of potential buyers you were excluding but we offer you (the seller) the following;

  • Fantastic Value; We don't know your plans for the money, but we are sure they are very important! For that reason we will work with you to pick a price that gets you every penny you can. With our sale or return service only costing a small percentage of the total sale price & us being able to sell cars at a higher figure than can be achieved privately, this means that more often than not we can deliver you over 10% more than you would achieve by selling from your doorstep!
  • Speed of Sale; Auto-trader statistics tell us that on average a private seller takes 67 days to sell their vehicle, significantly longer than the 27 day average we operate at Prestige Cars Kent.
  • Advertising Costs; Based on the 67 day average it takes a private seller, that is 3 lots of Autotraders £50 fee, plus anywhere else you choose to advertise. We are already paying Autotrader for the privilege, so keep your money in your pocket and let us do the hard work.
  • Safety & Convenience; Time wasters, fraudsters, no shows, inconvenient viewing times, days off of work, silly offers & complete strangers in your family home. These are just some of the complaints we hear from customers who have tried to sell privately. Let us take the weight off of your shoulders & spend your spare time doing things you love!
  • No sale, No fee; If we don't sell your car at the pre agreed price it will be delivered back to you at absolutely no cost. Furthermore it will be stored at our secure premises throughout the process, covered under our extensive motor trade insurance policy.